New info from Ecuador

Here is some updated info from John Prager, C.M. in Ecuador:
So far around 750 killed; a couple of thousand injured
Around 50,000 homeless
Lots of damage to infrastructure: roads, bridges, hospitals, schools
Some countries have been sending aid (Mexico, Peru, Chile)
The Ecuadorian Bishops Conference and Conference of Religious are organizing teams of people prepared to respond to the psychological-spiritual needs of the thousands of survivors who have been traumatized
Local parishes and schools have been collecting money, food and other items to send to the disaster area
The Daughters of Charity have received help from organizations in the US for water filters. emergency food supplies. Sisters have come from Colombia to help
Anyone interested in sending a donation can do so at:
Compania Hijas de la Caridad. C.C. 30477292-04 Banco de Pichincha. Ecuador
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