Response to the Orlando Terrorist Massacre

On behalf of the people of Immaculate Conception Parish allow me to express our sincerest condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the terrorist attack in Orlando.  We also offer our prayers for all those who were wounded that they may make a speedy and complete recovery.

Like the other Terrorist attacks at San Bernardino, Paris and Belgium this was an affront against God to use His holy name to justify such hellish conduct.  These acts are senseless, cruel and sinful.

An extra layer of hate, though, was present at this massacre.  It was aimed at our gay brothers and sisters.  They were specifically targeted.  Hatred of any kind is contrary to the teachings of Jesus.  So we also extend our prayers to all those who are in the LGBT community that this may be a time of healing instead of hate, of solidarity instead of divisiveness.

May God bless all who were touched by this tragedy and may God help us all to work together for a world of understanding and compassion.


Msgr. Fernando Ferrarese


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